Justin Hawkins Calendar March 2021 - February 2022

Justin Hawkins Calendar March 2021 - February 2022

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This calendar features the photography of Jenny May Finn, the art direction of Miss Moneypenny, the logotypery of Thom Lessner and the modelling of Justin Hawkins.

Yes, 3 of the photos are nude, but it's all done in the best possible taste. 

Hi-gloss, A3 sized, laminated front and back covers. This is the classiest March-Feb calendar on the market today, and that's a promise.

Strictly limited edition of 200 copies, after which this will never be available again. 

We're proud of this! 

The price is 18.99 GBP, but I have (perhaps foolishly) set my shopify store currency to SWISS FRANCS. I know, I'm a genius.

Shipping from UK, handled by Moneypenny herself, which reduces the likelihood of clownfoolery, but unfortunately may mean that delivery to the states will be more expensive than the calendar itself, because it's just so big. I don't have a solution to this conundrum, but I am confident that you'll love this so maybe it's worth it.

The first 15 orders will receive a complimentary sticker, which is not available anywhere else and will add PZAZZ to your mobile telephony device, the calendar function of which will soon become obsolete.

Yum and yay!